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Frame Types

We have over 2,000 frame styles to choose from. The quality of both our frames and craftsmanship exceed that of the “big box” stores, and we offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. Plus, our regular prices are typically better than the “big box” stores after discounts or coupons. Let our friendly staff help you choose how best to showcase your art.


Custom shadowboxes can be made for collectibles and memorabilia.

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Specialty Framing

Stacked Frames, fabric liners, and fillets for mats can all be used to create a more custom frame with a unique high quality museum look.


Mats can be cut in almost any shape and color to preserve your memories. Mats keep art and photos separated from the glass. It is common to use between one and three mats to add color and help create size and spacing of the finished framed piece.

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Specialty Mats

Rectangular mat openings are most often used, but alternate shapes can be cut. French Matting includes lines and watercolor washes painted on the mat. Gold leaf can be added to the beveled edge of the mat. Fabric mats add some texture to the piece. Float mounting can be used to show the edges of special paper.


We can custom order mirrors to any size you desire. They can be ordered with or without a beveled edge. Almost all of our frames can be used to make your mirror another piece of art and accent your décor.

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